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Resep Japanese Curry (Indofood Kari)

Japanese Curry

1/4 kg ayam potong dadu
1/2 sachet masako sapi
1 sachet mayonise
2 siung bawang putih cincang
1 bawang bombay cincang
5 sdm minyak goreng
2 sdm tepung terigu
1 sachet indofood kari
2 gelas / 400 ml air
1 gelas / 200 ml air
1/2 sachet santan kara
1/2 buah parutan apel
1 sdm madu
2 sdm bubuk cabai
1 buah wortel potong dadu
2 buah kentang potong dadu

Cara membuat :
1. Marinate potongan ayam dengan madako & mayonise selama 30 menit
2. Panaskan minyak, tumis bawang putih & bombay hingga harum
3. Tambahkan tepung terigu, biarkan tercampur rata dengan minyak
4. Tambahkan bumbu kari, air, dan santan
5. Masukkan ayam beserta bumbu marinate, tunggu hingga empuk lalu masukkan potongan wortel & kentang
6. Tambahkan air lagi jika sudah menyusut
7. Cicip, apabila kurang manis tambahkan parutan apel dan madu. Apabila kurang asin tambahkan masako

by someone on Kaskus, measurement by me

Tho i dont like the major drama over that ticket. Goddamn it, i want the 3D!!!!

[Novel] The Program (Review)

To clear things up, no.. The Program did not cause or act as a trigger for Depressed people.
If i had to rate this novel, unfortunately il give it 1 out of 5,star. I'm really sorry., because at the same time I also read Pramodya Ananta Toer "Bumi Manusia" and NH. Dini "Pondok Baca".
For the "feeling" that could be evoked when reading the book it was so very lacking. I'm not even completely dtowned in it's universe. I n the last chapters i had this nagging feelings that it's going to be in the same direction like the maze runner or hunger games thinggy. Going to that direction where the bigger corporation or organitation might wait to kill em all or to save them. It's lame.
gor the fun of it, u mean for a light reading and to distract you from daily stress events i think it's passable. It's quite fun.
Cheesey ala fanfiction romance. So teenlit with added maturity in it as dumb as twilight horny teenager i guess. But it's fun. Anf i love that, maybe for a more mature reader or a more quality seeker reader it'd not be their cup of the but for people like me which daily activity was tobread cheesy angsty fanfiction on fanfiction.net i guess it's passable.

For the description of depressing thought about suicide and psychologycal stuff.., i'll call it bullshit.

And that's quite clever, if you want prople to have fobia for psychologist or a psychiatrist.

All of it are uncorrect, if you talk about the procedure where the erased memory are taking place.
(oops, it's spoiler)
But it's also could be a reasonable excuse for real life people to have a fobia for psychiatrist is that they wil be brainwashed.

Well, for ya'll people out there. Listen.
We all've been brain washed everyday by the advertisement.
THAT, is the truest truth of life.

Actually, i think there's no such thing called brain eashed though.
Your brain will never be washed. It'll be staying in there forever, those informations. It's just that the most replayed memory that'll be stuck mostly, tho.

Well, like in the movie 'Inside Out', tho i haven't watch it yet.


The point is, it wont be a trigger. Because it's not trigering enough.
Deppressed people need a more engaging reding to get em triggered anyway.

(TL;DR) All in all it's a fun read, but not quite a quality read. Basicly just like reading fanfiction. That's all from me.


20 facts about me - tbt

20 fact about me
. Islam, perempuan, asli semarang, indonesia, jawa 94%, arab 6% lol..
. anak bungsu 3 bersaudara yg kelahirannya krn pil kb yg jebol lol.. Tp alhamdulillah jadinya cewek, krn yg seblmnya cwok smua
. namaku nabiella chaerunisa latief, yg artinya wanita yg baik, cinta damai, dan noble(terhormat/bangsawan). Dan wktu aku njelasin arti namaku ke mas masku eh pada ketawa.. Asem, mbok kiro aku rak iso noble?
. Angkatan 94' yg tgl lahirnya pas hari pancasila
.tertarik dg profiling dan fisiognomy. Smpe sekarang sedihnya masih otodidak, gak ada yg bantuin.
.kpop- jpop lover. Cassie, wota pd umumnya & wota momusu khususnya. Akb-jkt okelah
. Renang is love, mau privat? Oke sini tak ajarin.. Tapi kupukupu ku blm mulus yaw.
. Ke gunung, pantai, ke gua, ke sungai, oke. Pernah ikt PA soalnya. Tp jgn sampe ngajak lari2 yaa.
.lg belajar knitting. Goalnya mo bkin kupluk. Pink. Uddah selesai cover hp 1.
. Reading is my liiiiiiifffeeeee... Manga, fanfiction, buku self help, oke. Tp kl novel maless. Kecuali harry potter. Sampe buluk tak ulang2 bacane.
. Make up antusias, tapi gak pernah nemu base yg cocok dan long lasting. Udara semarang.. Masyaallah..
. Pengalaman cinta ngenes, payah deh.
. Catcatcatcatcatcat 😸💞
. Shy ekstrovert/ ekstrovert dna nya tapi tumbuh dibentuk sbgai introvert. . Kayaknya..
. Masih single . 😂
. Warna favorit: kuuuuniiiing~~
.smw barangku tak kasih nama. Ada bijuu, lumpia, naoki, honey, green, red, koggi, dll
. Gampang tertarik sama banyak hal wkwkw bisa dilihat dr body language ku lo, bisa k cowok/ cewek / org asing/ bayi / hewan/ pemandangan.
. Sd-sma negeri. Endingnya nonformal & univ yg swasta👍

Once In the Blue Moon, Farewell My Friend

Once In the Blue Moon, Farewell My Friend

Today, tonight the so called rare blue moon appeared. It's also the day that my friend, my beloved friend starting her brave journey to her future.
The words of goodbye cannot really conveyed my message for wishing her a very good luck and letting her go pursuing her dream.
One or two word won't do. It's hard, and it's a pitty yet sad that we won't meet again in near future. We're not realy a very close chatty buddy nor do we create a bond of 'best of friends for ever'. But to realize that her place is no longer there make quite a huge hole and void in my heart. She may not know it, but I do care about her, and not just pretending that i care for the sake of 'genk' (gosh, i hate the word so much i'm sorry)nor she's just there to occupy the space of the titled classmate because i'm the class leader, no but the fact that I see her as a human. She's quite puzzling, tho. For two and a half year hanging out together I realized I never knew her that deep before, compared to the other ten of the 'genk'. The way she look at this world is contrast with the way i belive in. Probably that's why she always look like bored whenever I around, no offence I am quite a serious person myself with everybody. She might tought that i am not interested in her. Well, guess again. In the past, people that has similiar type like her annoyed the hell out of me so much. But she doesn't, we were just a slightly awkward feeling. That's weird. But a good weird.
And tommorow at dawn, she'll leave. And tonight the night before, she's busy replying a lot of farewell chat which i kind of feel reluctant to say. Like, is this real?
Does she really go?
Suddenly I feel lonely, and it's raining outside.
Tho all in all, i wish the best outcomes for her. And, she isn't really that fluent in English so.. Diana, if you see this. I just want to say I love you, you might think that i don't care about you, but actually I see you. You are important to me. Be strong, be resilient and good luck.
I'll miss you, let's meet again later. 😊
Today is blue moon, have you gone outside and look at the sky?

Happy NEW Year!! ^^

Keke.. I tried to make my own pasta recipe and it tasted quite passable for my liking lol..
It's awesome, I made it from regular instant pasta which then i prep it in the water for about half an hour. And then i cooked like usual. For the sauce tho, i made it from instant minced beef tousted with garlic, chilli, paper,and salt. Well it turned out good but i put too much garlic 0TL ,dammit!
It's now 10 past mid night in my place -Semarang.. and so Happy 2014! \o/
while there's The Avengers broadcasted on one of the National TV. It's almost finished, tho. Where hulk beat Loki. ;D
hmm.. I think i'm going to put some list point of what had happened and the thinks that i'm going to do..
-i had sms.ing my past bff. P, R, A, and B. I wish the best for them in the next year and hoped that we'll still in contact with each other. I miss them so much ;(
-next week there'll be ATGW and i am so damn nervous about it. God, please help me reduce my overloaded anxienty.
-mum just woken up. Perfect! Well, it's time to tell her 'bout sms from mrs.Jony .well it's just some word along the lines 'happy new year'
-and in the span of 5 minute after i tell mom that, we 3(me,her, my 2nd bro) were arguing about religion. Oh puh lease~ i don't want to continue it anymore
-i had sms ing A and she answered me! She's WITA, and i mistaken her as WIT.
-i bought internet pulsa, 50k. I'll check it after i write this post
-now 1am, and i'm watching xmen. But.. i'm gonna sleep anyway.
- there's 1 piece of pasta on the rug. Mom found it for me. Now it's my munching tool-whatever it is. Blah. Like asuma's smoke on 'Naruto'. I know it'r random, but yeah..

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[LYRIC] Simfoni Hitam - Sherina Munaf

[LYRIC] Simfoni Hitam - Sherina Munaf (English Translation)
by sosona69

In the silent night I dream of you
I picture us, together
However, I've always wondered
do I exist in your dream

Your name is engraved in my heart
a mixture of longing and love
However, I've always wondered
do I exist in your heart

By now I've sung
my sorrowful (black) symphonies
By now I've whispered
my darkest stories
By now I've ignored
my dream and ambition
But why
I'd never be able to
touch your heart

If you're here
I'll give you everything
However, still- I've always wondered
do I exist in your dream


Can you please
at least listen to me
Listen to my symphony
Symphony only for you


Lirik Bahasa Indonesia

Malam sunyi kuimpikanmu
Kulukiskan kita bersama
Namun slalu aku bertanya
Adakah aku di mimpimu

Di hatiku terukir namamu
Cinta rindu beradu satu
Namun slalu aku bertanya
Adakah aku di hatimu

Tlah kunyanyikan alunan-alunan senduku
Tlah kubisikkan cerita-cerita gelapku
Tlah kuabaikan mimpi-mimpi dan ambisiku
Tapi mengapa ku takkan bisa sentuh hatimu

Bila saja kau di sisiku
Kan ku beri kau segalanya
Namun tak henti aku bertanya
Adakah aku di mimpimu

Back to Reff

Tak bisakah kau sedikit saja dengar aku
Dengar simfoniku
Simfoni hanya untukmu.

Back to Reff

A/N : I really like this song. Well, I actually love all of Sherina's songs but this one is superb! It's just shoooo beautifuuul~~
And when I tried searching for the english translation of 'Simfoni Hitam' .. TT TT they're all messy. So I try to make one! 8DD
But don't bricked me if it sounds weird, this is my first time translating song -eep.. and I made it in short time, so ..
Enjoy~ ^^

EDIT : I did some editing /upgrading for the English trans tho.

[CREDIT : Sherina Munaf & Youtube uploader]

Lagu Nasional - National Songs

aku seorang kapiten
mempunyai pedang panjang
kalau berjalan prok, prok, prok
aku seorang kapiten

bangun pemudi pemuda Indonesia
lengan bajumu singsingkan untuk negara
masa yang akan datang kewajibanmulah
menjadi tanggunganmu terhadap nusa
menjadi tanggunganmu terhadap nusa
*sudi tetap berusaha jujur dan ikhlas
tak usah banyak bicara trus kerja keras
hati teguh dan lurus pikir tetap jernih
bertingkah laku halus hai putra negeri
bertingkah laku halus hai putra negeri

teguh kukuh berlapis baja
rantai smangat mengikat jiwa
tegak benteng Indonesia
tengah badai bersatu padu
berpadu negara sumpah yang setia
semati kita runtuh kita sehidup jaya

biar topan menghantam baja
mara hebat menembus rantai
namun tegak menentang masa
benteng kita menentang badai
berpadu negara sumpah yang setia
semati kita runtuh sehidup jaya

a/n : I realize that not many people know much about the songs above. Even for Indonesian people these songs are completely foreign to our ears.Truly unfortunate. Though those three are my favorite. *sulk*


Mah Birthday!!! Uhuy!! XDD

Sooooooooo..... YEAH~
I just want to say that tomorrow iz mah birthday!!! Isn't that fabulous..~~!!!! XDD
Okay, mm.. sorry I was being hyper. But OH.MY..!! Tomorrow is my birthday! X)))
I know the fact that I fake my identity, but who cares! (it shows 31 dec 1990) Whateva~~
I'm really exited about tomorrow! XDDD
Not only because this year is better than last year.. -heck, last year was actually my worst ever birthday and it was even my sweet 17 (yes, 17. Got a problem with that!)
..but also because I finally realize how God LOVE meeee... without exeption!!! o>[]<o
I feel like, so blessed.
Every single day.. I say thank you to Him. I say thank you for all the things that he gave for me.
For the life that I have that day.
Like.. unff....
I can't voice out how thankful I am to HIM. Cuz, there's so much  things that I couldn't express through letter (I'm not really good with word, so.. yeah).
He has giving me so much Love.
My mom, my brothers, my health, my family-my new found friend (my classmate), my cat, my lovely besties, people that has encourage me to live my life again, my education, ...
I don't have those things last year.
Now I have.
And I'm really thankful of that.
Oh.. and also the book that has inspired me. 'The Secret'.
Haaah~~~ Why with the angst? -.-a
Happy Birthday to me!! X)) and I hope with this change of age I will turn to be more mature and wise.
and I hope I'd get a boyfriend soon~ XP
(like seriously, there are some guys that obviously interested in me but damnit, why none of them ask me out? DDD8)
Meh and my miserable self~ *sigh*
Oh.oh... and my wish are:
1. Pass the all the tests
2. Graduate
3. Got my certificate
4. Got into college
5. Psychology major
6. Got job
7. Got boyfriend
8. To meet my old friends
9. Talk with my family
10. Fill my saving

BONUS: I'd love to have ticket for Junsu's concert here in Indonesia. But, that'd be a miracle ;____;

Well, those are pretty cliche wishes but at least it's there in my list. Cuz I have the tendencies to not have the purpose of life.
It'll help me to focus on things that I yearned to do/have.

Soo... that's it for now.
I'll see you soon..

PS: I'd love to pass tomorrow test. Cuz I'm working my ass off for tomorrow test =*=
PPS: I hope tomorrow feast would going well
PPPS: I hope I'd not going broke soon ;(( I have the feeling my pocket would be empty~~
PPPPS: I forgot to mention, it's mah 18th birthday >.< OTL
-lots of love-
NCL a.k.a sosona